Ken Biltz

Author of Hammers and Roses, published 10/2018 and now Gift of the Fallen-Sympathy for the Devil published 9/2019. My third release, Gift of the Fallen – Suffer the Children was published 5/2020, I hope you enjoy all of them. Don’t forget to keep your eye open for Cold Blooded, coming soon!

Welcome to my site!

I have aspired to write a novel for many years, I actually started 15-20 years ago, life just gets in the way sometimes. I am a very family-centric person, so the birth of grandchildren and watching them begin to develop certainly hampered my creative goals for awhile. I enjoy writing Crime/Mystery and/or Horror/Thriller type stories, however I do have some writing in the developmental stages that are crossing genres. Hammers and Roses is my first publication, followed by the Gift of the Fallen 2 book series, Sympathy for the Devil and Suffer the Children, there may be more later. I hope everyone that reads my work enjoys the stories and I hope you are looking forward to my next releases as much as I am in releasing them.

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