Beta reader request

Are you interested in being a Beta reader for my next novel “Cold Blooded”?

What’s a Beta reader you might ask.

Beta reader. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A beta reader is usually an unpaid test reader of an unreleased work of literature or other writing (similar to beta testing in software), who gives feedback from the point of view of an average reader to the author

What’s expected of a Beta reader?

Beta readers are non-professionals who read a manuscript prior to publishing or read a pre-release of a book. If a beta reader is provided a manuscript they’re often asked to read for spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors. They may comment on parts of a story that are confusing or things that don’t make sense.

This is what I hope from you as a Beta reader. Contact me via my contact page if you are interested. I will allow ample time for you to read and will not pressure you for completed work once you begin. My last novel was published and still had some of the aforementioned issues within its pages. I would love, love, love to avoid that this time. I will be truly grateful to those of you chosen to be my Beta reader. If you are also an author and need a Beta reader I will perform this task for you in return for your Time.

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