Wasn’t paying attention

I wasn’t paying attention to the date and this time I did miss my self induced deadline. So, I guess I’ll do two posts this month. One now and one near the end.

I’ve been working on my next release, although I have seemed to get in a little funk recently. Writers block, if you will. I was feverishly working on two books at one time, that was fun. My third book, quickly surpassed the second. So when I said “Cold Blooded” was my next release, I did have every intention of that at the time. Now it seems I am more focused on “Gift of the Fallen”. This one is somewhat of a crime story with a twist of horror splashed in. I am having fun writing this one too. I have many ideas to continue the story and even have ideas to make a sequel with it.

I’m going to make this short, because I am on a break in my day job and need to return to my desk. I will try real hard to make a second post before June arrives. See y’all then.

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