New Release day coming soon

My new book Gift of the Fallen – Suffer The Children is through the Beta-Readers, who I think did a great job and it is currently with my awesome editor Bambi Sommers, send me a message and I’ll tell you all about her. As soon as editing is done I will be getting it out to everyone on In the meantime I will continue working on a couple of other projects I have in the works, Cold Blooded, Family Ties and other untitled works. I know I have been threatening Cold Blooded for a long time. It was originally going to be my second book. Then, Sympathy for the Devil came to mind and swiftly became my main project. Soon after and while I was beginning to work again on Cold Blooded, many asked for a sequel to Sympathy. As luck would have it, I had paved way for a sequel and I proceeded in that direction. Let’s hope I can make some head way with Cold Blooded before others ask for yet another sequel in the Gift of the Fallen series, which the path has been laid. I am actually being hopeful that i might have two releases in 2020. Wish me luck.!

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