Today is the Day

Yes, it is finally here. My third publication will be available. After a short Amazon review period the paperback should be ready in a day or two. the EBook should be ready by the end of today. I hope ya’ll are anticipating reading this as much as I am providing it. I have enjoyed writing the Gift of the Fallen series and it almost saddens me that it is done. I guess, should I receive enough encouragement, I can continue the story. I actually do have a few ideas. I do need to complete some others that I have begun, so maybe Sarah, Neal and friends will return after a few more books are released. In the meantime, I hope you pick up Suffer the Children and enjoy it. If you haven’t already don’t forget my first and second releases too. Hammers and Roses and Gift of the Fallen – Sympathy for the Devil. They are all available on I hope you enjoy all three of them. Oh and please, please do leave a review on each that you do read. Self published authors rely heavily on your reviews. Thank you for your support.

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