It’s been a month

Yes. A month has passed since I published my second book, Gift of the Fallen-Sympathy for the Devil. Sales have been slow for this one too. Probably sold mostly to family and friends so far. I have sold several of my original shipment of author copies, they all included signatures. I am waiting to see some reviews on this one too. At least I know this time there may not be as many bad reviews regarding editing as I hired an actual editor for this work. Actually hired her to re-edit Hammers and Roses too and republished it. I am still working on this website, there are many things I would like to do here that is till haven’t figured out how yet, still trying though. I would like to activate a link to click to go straight to my books on Amazon, not having any luck as of yet. I will keep investigating and hopefully soon I will have success. In the mean time just go to Amazon and type in my name “Ken Biltz” it will bring you to both of my books, you can purchase them there. Please post a review when you finish reading, I would greatly appreciate it. Talk to you later.


I published Gift if the Fallen-Sympathy for the Devil last night, September 18 2019. It is available in EBook right now and after Amazon’s 72 hour review process the paperback will be available this weekend. I hope many of you get either format and I truly hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it. I will work on getting the links to it on this website, but I’m sure u can find it by following the Hammers and Roses link. In fact, if you haven’t already, get that one too. I think they are both good reads.

Gift of the Fallen

Gift of the Fallen -Sympathy for the Devil is officially complete. Well, it’s currently at my editor, Bambi Sommers. I will need to update any necessary changes and add or delete any suggestions, maybe even a few rewrites here and there. But, it is near ready for publication. Watch for it on Amazon/Kindle. I really enjoyed writing this story and I hope you enjoy reading it. In the event you do purchase this book and read it, please, please submit a review. You can not imagine how helpful this will be. I do have ideas for a sequel to this one, but first, back to Cold Blooded.

Ready for final edits

I have finally completed “Gift of the Fallen”. I have it out to several family/friend editors right now. I will try to keep my eyes off of it for at least a month before my re-read and edit corrections. Once that is done I am sending it to an actual paid editor. When that is done I will be publishing. I am currently working with Jesse Burke to complete my cover. While I wait for my month to elapse I will work on “Cold Blooded” once again.

New release

Ok, I know I previously posted I was working on my second release named “Cold Blooded”. I was actually working on several pieces at the same time. What would have been my third release has surpassed my second. So keep your Eyes open for “Gift of the Fallen”, soon to be released as soon as the editors complete their tasks.

“Cold Blooded” will soon follow, hopefully it won’t take as long as the second release. I also have 3 others in process that I work on occasionally, so keep your eye out for new releases.