Wasn’t paying attention

I wasn’t paying attention to the date and this time I did miss my self induced deadline. So, I guess I’ll do two posts this month. One now and one near the end.

I’ve been working on my next release, although I have seemed to get in a little funk recently. Writers block, if you will. I was feverishly working on two books at one time, that was fun. My third book, quickly surpassed the second. So when I said “Cold Blooded” was my next release, I did have every intention of that at the time. Now it seems I am more focused on “Gift of the Fallen”. This one is somewhat of a crime story with a twist of horror splashed in. I am having fun writing this one too. I have many ideas to continue the story and even have ideas to make a sequel with it.

I’m going to make this short, because I am on a break in my day job and need to return to my desk. I will try real hard to make a second post before June arrives. See y’all then.

Almost too late!

I realized I’ve been posting here once a month since I started this site. I figured I would keep this trend. So here it is. Just some random ramblings.

I am still working on my next release. Well actually I am working on several projects right now, three to be exact. When I hit a block on one, I move to another until my mind says, “oh yeah, one more thing.” I am hoping to get the first one completed by the end of this summer. Please be patient, their coming.

My first is “Cold Blooded” another crime thriller. Based in a small town, three officers team up and pull their resources to track down and stop a killing spree. The killers are killing in some of the most sadistic ways. Some are eerily sickening and others are diabolically clever.

The second is “Family Ties”. A son learns of his fathers criminal past when his father becomes a suspect. He decides he can do better than dear old dad and begins his own near identical crime spree. The only difference is, he leaves no witnesses. This culminates in a battle of evil wits between the two as they both try not to get caught. While this story isn’t a sequel to Cold Blooded it does have many cross over characters that you may remember from cold blood.

The third is “Gift of the Fallen”. A sexy young detective teams up with an unlikely partner to find a gruesome killer in this rural community. Her new partner has been battling this adversary for many years. They both realize they are falling for the other and question wether they should. After all, should a human love an archangel? This is my venture into the sci-fi/horror genre.

Beta reader request

Are you interested in being a Beta reader for my next novel “Cold Blooded”?

What’s a Beta reader you might ask.

Beta reader. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A beta reader is usually an unpaid test reader of an unreleased work of literature or other writing (similar to beta testing in software), who gives feedback from the point of view of an average reader to the author

What’s expected of a Beta reader?

Beta readers are non-professionals who read a manuscript prior to publishing or read a pre-release of a book. If a beta reader is provided a manuscript they’re often asked to read for spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors. They may comment on parts of a story that are confusing or things that don’t make sense.

This is what I hope from you as a Beta reader. Contact me via my contact page if you are interested. I will allow ample time for you to read and will not pressure you for completed work once you begin. My last novel was published and still had some of the aforementioned issues within its pages. I would love, love, love to avoid that this time. I will be truly grateful to those of you chosen to be my Beta reader. If you are also an author and need a Beta reader I will perform this task for you in return for your Time.

Launch Team

Is anyone interested in joining my Launch Team for my next release? I should have “Cold Blooded” complete and through the editor some time this summer. I will send you an advance pdf of the release along with further instruction. In fact the people on the list will receive instructions long before the pdf. If you would like to join, send your name and email address via my Contact page. Thank you in advance for participating.

New novel in process

Yes, I am currently nearly halfway through with my next novel. So far it is tentatively titled “Cold Blooded”, that may yet change again though. I promise I will have better editing this time. The editing in “Hammers and Roses” was less than desired that’s for sure. That was the biggest critique I received. So hang on, it’s coming, I hope to be done before summer 2019. “Hammers and Roses” is available on, as both EBook and Paperback.

Thanks for your support. KB